Second draft. 'Completed' Summer, 2020.

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Chapter 0: Ratty is blown up. (2025)

Chapter 1: Sett's oldest friend comes back to life. (202█-1984)

Chapter 2: Ratty and Sett meet someone new. (1986)

Chapter 3: Sett tries to find themselves, but leaves a few stones unturned. (0033)

Chapter 4: Ratty and Sett attend a support group together. A new old friend moves in. (1989)

Chapter 5: Ratty gets arrested on purpose! What a dolt! (1991)

Chapter 6: Who is Eleanor? (1992-20██)

Chapter 7: Ratty visits a museum! Sett meets a celebrity! (2004)

Chapter 8: (202█-2009)

Chapter 9: (2010)

Chapter 10: Back to work for Ratty Vermington! (2012)

Chapter 11: We could all use a little break. How about a road trip? (2013)

Chapter 12: Where is Ratty? (2016)

Chapter 13: Everyone talks to themselves for like, a long time. (2017)

Chapter 14: The gang attends a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (2018)

Chapter 15: The gang attends a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (2018)

Chapter 16: Sett takes Ratty to couples therapy. (2018)

Chapter 17: Detective Dick Reckard investigates a missing person. Sett goes to a protest. (2020)

Chapter 18: Ratty will be like "I know a spot" and take you to a building she burned down 29 years ago. (2020)

Chapter 19: Ratty deals with a lot of loss all at once. (2020)

Chapter 20: Sett returns! (2020)

Chapter 21: Sett and Ratty have another date night. (2020)

Chapter 22: The gang visit the CN Tower. (2020)

Chapter 23: Epilogue

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