sorry for the super scuffed list of links but like, I was in a hurry lol

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totally. ok off the top of my head, east york tenant union: Link.

i could get you in touch with ossington tenant support. jessie and shawn are badass literally fighting in the trenches for their rights omfg i could say so much: Link.

parkdale organize is doing cool stuff with west lodge tenants (very notoriously exploitative building. when i told my grandpa that my roommate was from west lodge he was like omfg bro): Link.

west lodge tenants did something so cool they literally occupied an empty unit and turned it into a food bank

like they broke in as a tenant union and were like actually this is our spot now

really sick project and it's by and for tenants

ACORN is very longstanding tenant org Link.

side note springmag is a great publication to follow if you're looking for toronto socialist news and action Link.

fairwagesnow another org: Link.

Our neighbours are looking for emergency housing - Two queer youth are trying to leave an abusive housing situation. Link.

idk if goodwood tenant union is still fundraising but they were doing that a while back! Link.