First Draft. Completed Winter, 2020.

All of this is subject to change. Please send feedback to @girlmeat5557

Chapter 0: Ratty is blown up. (2025)

Chapter 1: Ratty and Sapper meet and begin to formulate an escape plan to get out of Hell. (1984)

Chapter 2: Ratty is kidnapped, Sapper does nothing because I forgot to give them a character in my first draft. (1986)

Chapter 3: Sapper has an anxiety attack and makes a couple new friends. (0033)

Chapter 4: Sapper helps a bunch of new friends with a housing issue. Ratty also helps. (1989)

Chapter 5: Ratty and Sapper orchestrate a prison break and run into a not-so-familiar face. (1991)

Chapter 6: Emily is here! What's her deal? (2001)

Chapter 7: Let's catch up with the original rat-pack. What're they up to? (2004)

Chapter 8: (2009)

Chapter 9: (2010)

Chapter 10: Well! That was stressful! Let's take a little road trip. (2010)

Chapter 11: Ratty runs off. (2013)

Chapter 12: Ratty learns why running off isn't a great idea. (2014)

Chapter 13: Skip! I forgot to write it. I don't even remember what purpose this part originally served in the plot. (????)

Chapter 14: The gang attends a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (2021)

Chapter 15: Ratty and Sapper go to couples therapy. (2021)


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